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Virtual Adoption Application


The adoption of an animal is a serious decision, demanding time, patience and an appropriate space.
Since you’re here, we are certain that you know all that and you’re ready to help in your own way one of the animals that need you.
So be one of the virtually adopted parents and help an animal in need, as well as the Artemis Trikala Animal Awareness Society, continue its work…

The cost of the virtual adoption is at 15 € per month and covers some of the animals’ needs such as medicine, treatments, nutrition etc.
By becoming a virtual parent it is in your hand to help the animal you’ve chosen not only overcome any veterinarian condition it might have but even find its forever adoption home because of your sharing. If you want, you can also send a package with blankets, ampules or pills for deworming and defleeing, its medicine etc. The duration of the virtual adoption is entirely up to you, as is the number of people who can share the cost. Tell your family, friends, classmates, colleagues and together you can help an animal in need.

Virtual adoption was founded by the Animal welfare societies abroad and it’ one of the driving forces in taking our group one step ahead and saving even more of our friends!

Do not ignore them!
Hear the words behind their non-human voices and become their voice!

Whoever wishes to make a donation for virtual adoption
can contact us or proceed with the DONATION referring as a reason
the animal’s name and the initials VA etc. : LISA – VA.